Our architectural practice significantly impacts human health and well-being, with the potential to drive positive changes across various societal aspects.


Healthy Built Environments: We believe architecture encompasses everything, including aspects of medicine. Just as the human body and architecture share the need for well-designed structures that counteract gravity, we see architecture plays a crucial role in supporting and correcting the body. Through our approach, we create spaces that promote physical health by encouraging active living, ensuring access to clean air and water, and facilitating exercise and rehabilitation.


Architecture as Philosophy: We view architecture as a profound language that shapes the narrative of life. Similar to filmmaking, we believe architecture serves as a medium through which individuals can craft their own stories, with space providing the backdrop. Our practice is dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate with and enrich the distinctive narratives of every individual.


Universal Design: Embracing universal design principles enables us to develop spaces that are accessible and inclusive for individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, contributing to their narrative. By designing buildings and public spaces that cater to diverse needs, we foster more inclusive communities and reduce barriers to participation for marginalized populations.


Community Development: We acknowledge the crucial role of architecture in shaping the built environment, ranging from individual structures to entire neighborhoods and cities. Through collaboration with communities and stakeholders in the design process, we craft spaces that align with local values, address community needs, and foster social equity and economic development.


Yunhee Choe, AIA


Yunhee Choe is renowned for infusing her architectural creations with a blend of philosophical and medical perspectives. Beyond her architectural pursuits, she's an artist and film producer.


Embarking on art and music at the age of 4, she possessed a prolific imagination with an exclusive focus on "space" – a realm extending beyond Earth, outer space, and even the universe itself. At 6, inspired by a picture of the city of Europe, she aspired to become an architect committed to beautifying the Earth.

Her artwork became known nationwide through various publications, leading her to a special education program upon entering school, where she accumulated numerous awards in the art category. By the age of 18, she made the decisive choice to establish her own architecture firm, opting to name it "Yunhee Choe" after herself.


Majoring in architecture and gaining experience at a multinational conglomerate company, she made her television debut in 2004 and quickly rose to prominence as one of the top design talents, securing TV series, magazine features, and a multitude of collaborations. She established "Yunhee Choe" in Seoul in 2007, and following acclaim for her residential-commercial designs and architectural designs for celebrities, she appeared on various broadcasts, including hosting and producing an architectural program named after herself. In 2010, Yunhee Choe established her eponymous firm in Tokyo, later moving to New York in 2019, continuing her designs under her name. She has also been actively involved as a film producer, expanding on her earlier role as design broadcast host and producer since 2004.


In 2023, Yunhee Choe released "Vorstellung", a book encapsulating a fresh interpretation of space, her "Body Architecture" concept and her philosophy. Moreover, she showcased her "Hiut" furniture and lighting creations in New York and Chicago, utilizing eco-friendly material kenaf from Malaysia. She founded the non-profit organization "International Association of Architecture for Health (IAAH)", embodying a positive movement to promote health and contribute to changing the world for the better through architecture.


We have a diverse team of talented international architects, designers, and partners, all committed to creating healthier spaces, fostering human development, and contributing to a better world. Our journey entails continuous learning, research, experimentation, and innovation.


We are actively seeking interns, designers, and experienced project leaders to join our team and collaborate closely on innovative projects spanning various scales and typologies. Candidates for these positions are deeply passionate about creative problem-solving, effective design communication, and possess a worldwide perspective. Join us on our journey in architecture and urban design.